Olive Tree Organics
Olive Tree Organics is an organic and therapeutic body care line by Theresa Szalay, Aromatherapist/Aesthetician. Thereza reached out to Mckenzieking Designs to help with package branding for her line of organic products. She wanted to keep things simple but have an organic feel, with the 'olive tree' being the focus of her product. 
Olive Tree Organics products are derived from the oil extracted from cold-pressed olives and are rich in nutrients along with essential oils so we wanted to show a luxuriant look and feel to the labels. We chose a saturated olive green for the main colour and created a hand drawn olive branch for the logo. We took this idea a little further for the product labels introducing the supple olive image banner on the labels and business cards. The result was a vibrant yet simple look for the product labels that offers an all-natural skin care experience.
Olive tree organics logo
Olive tree organics business cards
Olive tree organics products
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