Other Projects
Here's a look at some other projects we've worked on. There have been numerous financial and investment data visualization charts and graphs as well as mapping and presentations made for CPPIB and Scotiabank as well as CD Howe Institute. Due to client confidentiality and privacy of these projects, we cannot show the presentations for these, however a few charts and maps are below that show some of the work put into creating these presentations.
For CD Howe, we have illustrated many book covers as well as layout of books and design of Annual Reports and other marketing collateral. 
For over a year we collaborated with SmartStage Manufacturing on all it's in house design for it's stage manufacturing products. 
There have been many other clients we have collaborated with over the years for logos and other marketing materials. Here is a brief look at some of these.
Financial Charts

Financial Charts

Financial Charts

Chart and Map Making

Financial Map

Map Making

Naloi Media Social Media Launch of New Website

Canada Custom Shutters Social Media Campaign

The Edge Magazine page layout

The Edge Magazine Page Layout Design


SmartStage Manufacturing Event Poster Design 

CD Howe Institute Book Cover, Brains on the Move

Book Cover Illustration and Design

Body Green Logo

Body Green Logo Design

Aird & Berlis LLP Invitation

Aird & Berlis LLP E-Invite and Print Invitation

Catalyst Creative Group Logo

Catalyst Creative Group Logo Design

Stadia half page ad, SMARTSTAGE
SMARTSTAGE half page ad

Half Page Ad

Women Breaking Forth Logo Design

Women Breaking Forth Logo Design

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