Collaborated with a creative consultant on the RW & CO. 2019 Spring/Summer Campaign.
RW&CO. is a Canadian family-owned company that has used a coast-to-coast language to celebrate it's customer relationship pride. Thus the idea for the campaign setting is a 'coast to coast' feel setting in an iconic and colourful Canadian town, the kicking off in Victoria and Vancouver. The locations feature seaside harbours, cityscapes, colourful urban boat houses and key architectural and natural highlights. These stunning environments allow our heroes to easily relate to the current culture of appreciation and carpe diem. They LIVE IN the moment. 
For the Lead seasonal campaign strategy we came up with the idea of "Live in... The New. The Now. The Next." The locations will strategically compliment the seasons direction on colour and traditional fabrics. 
Our proactive LIVE IN platform would support all key programs, continuing to address their benefit and features. LIVE IN CHECK  LIVE IN DENIM  LIVE IN TAILORED  LIVE IN CROPPED  LIVE IN WRINKLE FREE  LIVE IN STRETCH  LIVE IN FLEX  LIVE IN TECH  LIVE IN PANTS.
LIVE IN is a proactive communication platform evoking emotion and action.
THE DOT is the seasonal communication tool to highlight benefits & features and seasonal colour vehicle. The idea of using transparent circles/dots was to give the idea of harmony, freedom of movement and wholeness with some feeling of playfulness while still being work ready in modern work attire. 
THE NEW, THE NOW and THE NEXT highlight new deliveries and seasonal messaging.
The result of our work was used over many successful email campaigns. 
live in, the new, the now, the next, RW & CO. Spring Summer Campaign
Below are some of the RW & CO. email marketing based on our Spring/Summer Campaign Ideation. You can also view the campaign video by clicking on the button below. 
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