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Accessing Workplace Justice with Confidentiality 
Summary & Client Brief
Out of the momentum of a global movement against sexual harassment, the Vesta journey began. Vesta aims to provide a safe space for those who have experienced sexual harassment, providing them with reporting options. Vesta’s approach to this issue was to have a platform that would help both the employee and the employer — a bridge between the two.
Vesta wanted to update and redesign their original website to incorporate a platform that would streamline the reporting process with a credible, trustworthy approach. 
Make the VESTA website informative and safe for employers and employees to streamline the sexual harassment reporting process in their workplace.
Creating a safe and secure platform with complete anonimity. Supplying engaging and resourceful information for employees and employers. Making the feature CTA button easily accessible and using calming colours for a safe yet professional tone.
Our research subjects were based on HR, CEOs, Managers and employees, of which we interviewed and conducted surveys to determine how employees generally feel about sexual harassment in the workplace. We wanted to identify what sexual harassment policies and procedures were in place already in workplaces. We wanted to learn more about who is responsible for resolving workplace harassment issues and understand how and what issues employees and employers have dealt with regarding this issue. We also needed to determine users feelings regarding using an online reporting platform for such issues.
Based on our survey responses and interviews, we found that most people were either not happy with the policies in place at their workplaces or were just unsure of what the policies are. It was also found that they would be more comfortable with an online reporting platform.
Other information gathered from the analysis pertaining to employees was that they would like to know that they can trust reporting any incidents of sexual harassment without worry of repercussions while company’s HR, Managers, and CEOs would like to stop any issues before they become liabilities for the company.
From our insights we were able to create personas that helped us sketch our low-fidelity mockups of the information architecture needed. 
User experience website wireframes
Information Architecture
From our research we were able to determine that Vesta would need a website platform to showcase the following:
01. On the ‘Home’ page, (a.) a video that would speak directly to the problem and the risks and costs involved in a credible complaint. (b.) A section for factual numbers regarding sexual harassment. (c.) A ‘What we offer’ Call to Action, (CTA) button that would take the user to the a page explaining what Vesta’s solution is to the problem. (d.) A ‘Trusted Partners’ section to show validity of partnerships. (e.) A ‘Customer Stories’ section providing a platform for the voices of all its customers. (f.) A ‘Subscribe’ section so users can stay informed. (g.) A ‘Book a Demo’ CTA button in the navigation bar so that users can quickly access a demo for more information about the platform.
02. An ‘About Us’ page identifying Vesta’s ‘Vision and Mission’ statements as well as an ‘Our Approach’ and ‘Why Vesta’ placement on the ‘About’ page to help inform users why they can trust and feel safe using the Vesta platform.
03. A ‘What We Offer’ page that would showcase privacy, trust, confidentiality, security, and educational resources, as well as an ‘How it works’ section for both employee and employer.
04. A ‘Resources’ page that would have various information for both employee and employer.
05. A ‘Contact Us’ page for easy accessibility for additional inquiries about the company or demo.
06. A ‘Faq’ page that shows Vesta’s fraud and security policies so that users would feel comfortable and be able to obtain answers to most commonly asked questions.
08. A ‘Book A Demo’ page for users to know more about how Vesta would tackle the problems of both employee and employer to help the streamlining process for companies.
With the solutions laid out in our our information architecture we were able to go forward with the final version using UI to bring everything to life.
UI website wireframes
To see the current website for Vesta please click here.
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