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Fog Boss Disinfectant Fogging

Creating brand identity, web design and content, and deliverables for a disinfectant cleaning service based in Toronto. 
Fog Boss provides a service that disinfects and sanitizes spaces to promote healthier environments in local communities. Based on that, a detailed description of the service and the brand image which the client wanted to set for the target audience, we were assigned to create the logo and a set of branded items as well as a website and content that would grow brand awareness.
A newly purchased domain is a challenge for SEO.
Disinfecting cleaning service is a competitive SEO industry in Toronto and surrounding area.

There are many disinfecting cleaning companies in Toronto, and our client, Fog Boss, hasn’t had a website before. We knew that ranking new websites in Google is always a big digital marketing challenge. After conducting initial research of the cleaning market in Toronto and area, we discovered that this industry is quite hard for SEO. The highest ranking cleaning companies in Google had very strong domain authorities. Some of them even had backlinks from major media outlets. Our client didn’t have a budget for a marketing outreach campaign so we knew we had to come up with a powerful on-page SEO strategy.
Design a light-weight and fast-loading website optimized for SEO.
Establish website hierarchy in relation to most important services.
Create an SEO-friendly URL website structure. 
Create high quality content and Infographic.
Create social media ads.
FogBoss Logo
At the stage of the creative search, several directions were tested, including a minimalistic hazmat guy with fogger blasting a virus and another option combined with fog and a virus setting the association with fogging and eliminating viruses. In the end it was decided that a virus being blasted and disintegrated within fog would work because the company wanted to associate with disinfecting spaces for viruses and bacteria during Covid-19 and beyond.
Business cards
Business cards and other stationery items designed for the service reflect the minimalist color palette and typography of the brand identity.
FogBoss sticker design
Stickers were designed for Fog Boss clients to put in their window and doors to showcase that their space has been disinfected and sanitized providing a higher standard of clean for their clients.
FogBoss Flyer Design
Double-sided flyers were designed for Fog Boss to advertise through neighborhood mailbox delivery.
Future Considerations
We are still working with Fog Boss for future considerations.
We will be setting up link-building. We did an extensive audit of our competitors backlink profile, including top commercial cleaning companies providing COVID 19 cleaning, and learned what was working well for them. We submitted our client's website to most popular industry directories. We plan to reach out to bloggers, digital influencers and other local businesses for promotion.

We will be adding a Testimonial page to the website as well as videos of work.
Once business takes off we would like to do a Google ad campaign but for now social media ads are forecasted for the near future for the reopening of Ontario businesses.
Please check out Fog Boss Instagram and Facebook pages to see more of Mckenzieking Design's work with Fog Boss social media presence. 
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